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Zen mondo "Zen dialogue"

Installation & Performance: Haruka Tomatsu

  "Zen mondo (Zen dialogue) '' is a performance about the question of Who I am and Why I am here through studying Zen philosophy and Zen mondo (Zen dialogue). Zen mondo means questions and answers about the teaching of Zen between a Zen master and his students, Zen trainers, or sometimes what is not a person. 


 This work was initially performed as a solo performance. The work at Water Tower Art Residency program #3 in Sofia in 2019 has been redesigned to allow the audience to participate in installations and performances. I created different installations inspired by Zen Gardens in the former boiler ruins building and the gallery in Sofia and performed in those. This interactive work in Sofia aims to make the audience realize their own existence again and to see what others are by measuring and observing the distance between objects and their own bodies as well as by interacting with things. This way, the installation happens and changes every moment by everybody who is taking part in it. The audience can participate in the work by following a simple task. By using the given choreography, the audience can pick up and move the objects in the space, which are known as everyday life-objects, objects I picked up in the streets in Sofia, and I collected at the former boiler ruins building. As a result, they can feel the changing space by that. Also, in the performance, a dancer as a guide appeared in a certain period of time and created a time where not only the object and themselves but also the existence of others can be felt by moving the object in the workspace with the audience.

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