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Journey to Dance, Dance to Journey

Installation , Video & Performance: Haruka Tomatsu

 In this work, which was made that I participated in Water Tower Art Residency #1 in Sofia, Bulgaria 2017, I made a series of installations with photographs and short dance videos to express "Kehai "of a person. These images and footage were taken mainly at the exhibition space.

I installed installations in different places in the venue, and a visitor was guided to have awareness about how the dancer existed there at the site by watching videos and photos. Videos can watch by QR-code installed. Therefore, the audience can see the “Kehai” connection of the dancers left at each spot. Finally, The dancer performed really like that connecting those "Kehai" by moving installations point to point.


 *“Kehai” is a Japanese word which means a sign of a person or a thing that might have been there in the space*

Date: 14- 23, July 2017 @ Depot Poduene in Water Tower Art Residency program#1 in Sofia, Bulgaria

        Performance: 22, July 2017




Video for the Installation