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Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka was born in Wakayama, Japan in 1984.

She has been in Berlin, Germany since 2016. 

She studied Butoh techniques with Setsuko Yamada, Toru Iwashita, and Theater Theory with Shogo Ota. After graduating in 2007-2008 she joined the Glorious Future Dance Company (Director: Kim Ito). 2008 she also started her carrier as a freelance dancer and performer. 


She participated in various performances in Japan as well as international.

Since 2013 she creates her own work as a choreographer, dancer and performer.

Her work focused mostly on the relationship between space, matter, and body/sensory experience, creating performances about "the relationship between existence and absence (invisible things), She has created work that looks at people's memories and relationships and their connection with the physical world through the body.


She has also created an installation to accompany the performance. Through her art, she wants to explore the questions of, how, to which extent, and through which practices we can perceive the existence of the ethereal, and how we can, on the contrary, notice its absence.


As the relationship between the object and body changes, space changes as well. We can strongly feel the change, as well as we can feel the absence of it. Her work carefully looks at the relationship between the elements of change.



2007: Graduated a Bachelor of Department of visual and performing Arts at Kyoto

University of Art and Design in Japan. Major:  Performing Arts


2015-: Moved and living in Berlin, Germany


2008-: Freelance activities ( dancer, performer, and choreographer )


2007-2008: Joined Glorious Future Dance Company (supervision of Kim Ito)

Work Experience 

<The Visual Art and Performance work>


2021: ” The Memory of Varne” in Water Tower Art Residency #5 in Varna, Bulgaria


2019: ” Zen mondo<Zen dialogue> in Sofia” Water Tower Art Residency #3 results 

in Sofia, Bulgaria

2017: ” Journey to Dance, Dance to Journey” Water Tower Art Residency #1 results 

in  Sofia, Bulgaria

<The Choreography work>

2022 :”Würde und Liebe” in Berlin, Germany  (Diretion by Ren Saibara)

        :Revival “SPIRALE -Wenn Der Körper nicht streikt-” in Berlin, Germany

          (Diretion by Ren Saibara)

2021: ”SPRALE-Wenn der Körper nicht striket" in Berlin, Germany

 (Concept and Direction by Ren Saibara)

2019: ”Im Loop2 " in Berlin, Germany

 (Concept and Direction by Viola Köster, Direction by Ren Saibara)

 : “Im Loop-Eine Choreografie der Motifikation” Performing Arts Festival Berlin 

in Berlin, Germany.

 (Concept and Direction by Viola Köster, Direction by Ren Saibara)


2018-19: “Zen Mondo<Zen dialouge>solo series” in Berlin, Germany


2016: "Die Luft im kleinen Raum" in DanGan Dance tours,

in Amsterdam, Netherland & Leipzig, Germany


2015: Dance in improvisation in the Event of Küche für Alle

in Leipzig, Germany


2014: "Arasa-na Hibi -Every day of the thirties-" in Kyoto, Japan

: "Piece meal Plot 1" in Kyoto, Japan


2010: Keitai Girl performance in ArtHK10 Opening performance

in Hong Kong (Concept and Direction by Noriko Yamaguchi)


2008: Keitai Girl Marching project in PARIS PHOTO 2008 Opening performance

in Paris, France (Concept and Direction by Noriko Yamaguchi)

<The research project>

2022 :”Research in the RYTHM: the relation between OBJECT-SPACE-BODY-MOVEMENT”              (Diese Project gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der                    Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR )

2021: The smell of floating memories: The new research for a new choreography method

         as an original style dance score that incorporates smelling elements.


         The scores produced in the study can be viewed at the following link:                              

         (Dieses Project Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im

           Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz  Deutschland) 

<The Cast work as a Dancer and Performer>

2018-19: The performance-installation“Honey project” in Berlin, Dresden, Germany

 (Direction by Nezaket Ekici &Shahar Marcus)


2014: "From the Sea" in Tokyo, Japan (Direction by Hyun-Suk Seo)


2013: "Turenaku mo Aki no Kaze" in Yokohama, Japan (Direction by Hyun-Suk Seo)

: "Sikijitu(The ceremony)" in Kyoto, Japan (Choreography by Mika Masuda) 

: KIKIKIKIKIKI"Kekkon(Wedding)&Gibu" in Itami, Japan (Choreography by Kitamari)

        : Kyogoku Dance Project " Risou no Mori " in Kyoto, Japan

(Choreography by Tomohiko Kyogoku)


2012: Nibroll "see/saw" in Yokohama, Japan (Choreography by Mikuni Yanaihara)

: Kim Ito Dance project”go-on -Karada no Mori wo Yuku” ( Choreography by Kim Ito)


2011: "It is something like a garden " in Itami, Yokohama & Yamaguchi, Japan

(Choreography and direction by Zan Yamashita)

: KINOSHITA KABUKI " Natumaturi Naniwa Kagami "in  Kyoto & Yokohama, Japan

(Concept and Dramaturge by Yuichi Kinoshita, Choreography by Momoko Shiraga)

: "Melody ❤Cup" in Itami & Yokohama, Japan ( Direction by Tadasu Takamine )


2010: "Melody ❤Cup" Bangkok, in Thai land( Direction by Tadasu Takamine )


2009: Nikutai Kankei "48" in Tokyo, Japan ( Choreography by Tomohiko Kyogoku )

: teuto " SO-GU-" in Itami, Japan ( Direction by Kunio Sugihara )


2008: Glorious Future Dance Company "Otituke Glorious" in Yokohama, Japan

( Direction by Kim Ito, Choreography by Glorious Future Dance Company )


2007: Glorious Future Dance Company "Otituke Glorious" in Tokyo, Japan

( Direction by Kim Ito, Choreography by Glorious Future Dance Company )

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