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The Memory of Varna

Installation  & Performance: Haruka Tomatsu

Feel and observe the city of Varna on your body

 Masks, disinfection, social distance.
It's been a year and a half since we started living with Covid-19.
The shape of people's lives has changed rapidly.
And the distance and relationships between people have changed.
Isn't the sensation that our bodies feel also changed as a result since the lifestyle is changing by Covit-19?

 In this project, I objectively observed the space in which we are by using the five senses to feel and output what kind of space we live in with such a changed body.
Feeling of the body: Not only seeing, but also walking around Varna city while making maximum use of touch, smell, taste, and hearing, and expressing the feeling there through installation and performance.
These feelings as the installation are stored in Bunker and shared with people.


 I participated in this residency as a mentor. The participants of the workshops held during the residency were also invited to participate in this project. In the end, the sensory memories of the five of us, including myself, were incorporated into the content of the exhibition and performance.

Date: 26. Sep 2021 in Water Tower Art Residency programm#5          

         Installation & Performance in ReBonkers, Varna, Bulgaria



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